Royal C Ranch


The Royal C Ranch is another ministry of Calvary Baptist Ministries. The Royal C Ranch is the name of the land on which all the ministries are situated.  The "C" stands for Calvary

This ministry consists of our horse program and our exotic animals.  We raise, train, and sell registered quarter horses.  The Lord has especially blessed in the area of cutting horses.   We also raise and sell different types of deer, donkeys, sheep, and cattle.  We even have a zebra named Zingo

Since our horse program and exotic animal program pay for themselves through the selling of their offspring, no monthly support that is received from churches is used to finance this ministry; but at the same time, the selling of these animals helps to supply the needed finances to operate the boarding academy.  

All the animals are taken care of by the young men in the boarding academy.  This is a wonderful tool in teaching the young men to work hard and to be responsible.

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